Friday, September 12, 2014

Hope for the best. Then take action to make it happen.

My co-worker/friend/last line of defense against insanity and I were talking about Hope the other day. We hope for so many things from the ordinary to the amazing – the perfect pair of shoes (me), for the Raiders to make it to the SuperBowl (JB) , to find someone to love us and accept us as we are, a job that is fulfilling and fun, a month long all expenses paid vacation, a healthy and happy family. Hope is a part of every day in so many ways. I believe that somewhere in the human DNA is a “hope gene”. It is what pushes us to explore and move beyond our current life, to reach for the next thing. But is hope all it takes?

JB told me a couple of weeks ago that I am a hopeless romantic, rooted in reality. I thought this was a pretty apt description. Because while I may hope for something I also understand that it won’t just happen, that everything in life requires action. Yes, when I was younger I spent hours dreaming about my future – career, love, family and an amazing place to live. As an adult I know that having all of those things is a direct result of my choices and actions. I have an amazing job because I spent years working hard, learning as much as I could and building a solid reputation. I have the love of my life because I took a risk and opened up my heart. I live in LA because, well I was going to say because I took a leap, but really it is because Reb told me if I wasn’t on her doorstep by Labor Day she was going to kick my butt. (Thanks for the push Reb!)

The things I hoped for only came to be when I put action to them.  If you read the autobiography of any larger than life success you will see the same theme They were all hoping for a better future whether they were starting from nothing, the middle or closer to the top. The hoped for more and it only became reality because of the choices they made and the actions they took.  Hope alone is not enough. It is only the beginning. 

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