Friday, November 7, 2014

Snoopy, the World’s Weirdest Dog.

It’s been a rough week which started with a massive allergic reaction to mosquito bites and three days in bed with hives.  As I am not a sedentary sort of person being inactive/confined to the apartment is one of my least favorite things. I watched way too much TV and tried not to lose my mind. 

At one point I was sitting on my couch, doped up on Benadryl watching Call the Midwife (GREAT show if you are looking for a new Netflix addiction), when a movement in the corner catches my eye. No, it wasn’t a mouse. It was Snoopy, the World’s Weirdest Dog. He was playing Soccer.

Snoopy is a Beagle, Pug, English Pointer mix who I had the pleasure of adopting 3 ½ years ago. He was four months old at the time and had been abandoned at a shelter along with his mother and two sisters. When I first met him he was a 10 pound ball of fluff and the last remaining member of his family to be adopted. I picked him up and fell in love.
Now I had never raised a dog before and really wasn’t sure how to train him, when to feed him or even how much to feed him. 

Thru trial and error I landed on the theory that my dog was basically the equivalent of a human toddler. From there it seemed to be a no brainer. Training him includes time outs and taking his toys away when he misbehaves. Instead of normal dog commands like Sit and Stay, he comes running every time I start counting to 3. He nags me in the morning if I am running late for work and reminds me every day that we need to take our vitamins.  At night he stays in bed with me until I’m ready to go to sleep and then he moves to his bed for the night. Everyone who meets him agrees he really is more of a fur person than a dog. 

So when I found him playing soccer I wasn’t all that surprised. He was holding one of his stuffed animals (flat Monkey to be exact) in his mouth and batting a tennis ball between his front paws. This went on for about 5 minutes and ranged up and down the hall and then back to his crate. I can’t say for sure but it appeared his crate was “the goal” and I’m pretty sure he won. Next time I promise to video the game and I’ll keep you updated on his latest escapades. 

Happy Friday!

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